World Scout Jamborees

I have participated in the past three World Scout Jamboree (WSJ) events. A WSJ is held once every four years and gathers more than twenty-thirty thousands scouts from around the world. The WSJ events are held at varying locations. The three that I've participated in were held in The Netherlands (1995), Chile (1999) and Thailand (2003). The next WSJ will be held in England (2007) and will coincide with the 100th anniversary of the scouting movement.

18th World Scout Jamboree, The Netherlands, 1995 (The Future is Now)

Before and after the 18th World Scout Jamboree I maintained a mailing list at At its peak before the event the list around 200 subscribers from around the world. Most of the list subscribers were headed for the Jamboree while others had attended previous Jamboree(s) and wanted to share something of the future that was now - and, well, still is.

Around that time I also maintained a set of pages related to the Jamboree on the Guides and Scouts of Finland server which I had helped to setup earlier and then administered. The server was a tiny little i386/20 running Linux and hooked up to the Internet over a 38.4 Kbps serial link courtesy of Nixu. Nevertheless the host achieved uptimes in hundreds of days and hacking with it allowed me to learn sooo much about administering Internet services on Unix hosts. The by now dated O'Reilly book Managing Internet Information Services was also very useful. I can still vividly remember the bemusement of Nixu's Timo Kiravuo when he saw that I had setup the CERN proxy cache on the host. I guess there was a good reason, but even by the day's standards a cache behind 38.4 Kbps link wasn't really sensible. Oh, and the worldjamboree mailing list: it took literally hours to deliver each message to the lists' ~200 members. As important as the slow link must have been the numerous Sendmail processes being swapped in the host's 8 Mb of memory.

Archived 18th WSJ material:

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